Universal Letter Writing Week for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, January 8th. There are until the next observance.

Every year, during the second full week of January, Universal Letter Writing Week invites us all to pick up a pen and paper and write to someone. It will be held this year from January 8 to 14. It’s maybe not surprising that in our increasingly high-tech culture, letter writing and handwriting are quickly becoming lost arts. Texting, instant messaging, and email are excellent for their convenience, quickness, and ease of use. But nothing compares to the delight of receiving a handwritten letter or greeting card in the mail.

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📆 When is Universal Letter Writing Week?

This year, Universal Letter Writing Week falls on the 2nd Saturday in January; in 2023, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to Universal Letter Writing Week

Did you know: The letter E is the most often used in the English alphabet.

📜 History of Universal Letter Writing Week

Writing letters was a means for some people to exercise critical reading, self-expression, polemic writing, and exchange ideas with people who shared their interests. Some people see letters as a written performance.

Metal, lead, wax-covered wooden tablets, pottery shards, animal skins, and papyrus were among the materials used in the ancient world to compose letters. In recent years, letters have mostly been written on paper, both handwritten and typed.

The first letter mailed with a stamp was written in the United Kingdom in 1840. In 1847, the United States issued its first postal stamp. Prior to the invention of the stamp, a person had to rely on recollection.

The first 5-cent stamp issued in the United States depicted Benjamin Franklin, the country’s first postmaster. The first 10-cent stamp showed George Washington. A five-cent stamp was used for mail weighing less than half an ounce. These letters traveled up to 300 miles. The 10-cent stamp, on the other hand, was only valid for letters that traveled more than 300 miles.

A letter may take 14 days to travel from one city to another, even though they are just 100 miles apart. Despite major advances in writing materials and mail systems throughout the years, letter writing is on the decline. This week is an excellent opportunity to write your first letter if you’ve never done so before.

☑️ Universal Letter Writing Week facts

Different strokes
The 26 letters of the English alphabet produce almost 40 distinct sounds.

A title is the dot put over the letter I.

The letter z is the least utilized in the English alphabet.

The M.V.P.
“Blind” scouse is a meatless variant of the dish consumed by vegetarians or those unable to buy meat.

✨ Things to do on Universal Letter Writing Week

Write a letter
Simply think about who you want to write to. It may be an old buddy with whom you’ve lost contact. It might also be a letter sent a long way to a grandparent or family member.

Teach someone how to write a letter
You may go above and above by teaching someone else how to compose and mail letters. Encourage them to do it frequently and to teach others.

Raise awareness
If you’re a teacher, you may do letter-writing tasks in the classroom. It’s also a terrific way for parents to teach their children how to write a letter.

📅 Universal Letter Writing Week Observances

2022 January 8 Saturday
2023 January 8 Sunday
2024 January 8 Monday
2025 January 8 Wednesday
2026 January 8 Thursday

We will continue to update this page with new information and fun facts about Universal Letter Writing Week. So be sure to check back soon.