Vermouth Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, March 21st. There are until the next observance.

Every year on March 21, Vermouth Day is observed. Vermouth is one of the most well-known cocktail ingredients. It’s an aromatized, fortified wine that may be used in a variety of ways. Most people are familiar with it as a key component in well-known cocktails such as Manhattans, martinis, and negronis. Today, we honor vermouth for its many applications and the spice it brings to life.

πŸ“† When is Vermouth Day?

This year, Vermouth Day is on March 21st. It is the 3rd Tuesday in March; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to Vermouth Day

β†’ Did you know: The Museu del Vermut is a vermouth museum in Reus, Spain. It has many different kinds of vermouth.

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πŸ“œ History of Vermouth Day

The term “vermouth” has an intriguing history. It stems from the German translation of wormwood (‘wermut’), as the plant was a crucial element in the first recipe. Wormwood was frequently labeled as a forbidden substance throughout its history. Its formula has subsequently been changed, but the name has remained. The plant is still used in various well-known beverages, including absinthe and vermouth.

Historians trace the practice of infusing white wine fortified with medicinal substances such as wormwood back to 400 B.C. in ancient Greece. For many years, vermouth was a popular drink, particularly in Europe (Italy, France, and Germany). It was transformed into a medicinal whiskey and used to cure a variety of diseases. Some people thought that wormwood was good for you and could be used to treat stomach problems.

The creation of the cocktail in the 1800s resulted in an intriguing development for vermouth. Bartenders began to experiment with it when they realized its flexibility. The martini, a drink even more famous for its popularity in pop culture, may be the most well-known way it has been changed.

The drink’s medicinal applications would subsequently go out of favor, but its popularity remained unaffected. As its usage as an aperitif gained popularity, two varieties emerged. To compete with the sweet variation, a paler, dryer, sour variant was developed. Both styles have grown in popularity over time.

β˜‘οΈ Vermouth Day facts

βœ… That’s a lot of herbs
ChambΓ©ry, France, is famous for its crisp, flowery, light Alpine-style vermouth prepared from over 30 locally obtained herbs.

βœ… Vermont doesn’t keep
Vermouth has a very short shelf life.

βœ… Spice up your meals
Vermouth may be used as a liquid spice due to its high spice, herb, root, flower, and botanical content.

✨ Things to do on Vermouth Day

⚑ Try the amazing drink
If you haven’t had vermouth before, you’re in for a treat. Look into some of its culinary uses, or order a cocktail with vermouth and experience a once-in-a-lifetime drink.

⚑ Learn how to make cocktails
Vermouth Day is the ideal time to practice your mixing talents. Learn how to prepare cocktails and don’t forget to add vermouth to them.

⚑ Have a vermouth party
Invite your friends and family to join you for drinks and snacks. You could even have a cocktail-making contest to see who can make the best drinks.

πŸ“… Vermouth Day Observances

2023 March 21 Tuesday
2024 March 21 Thursday
2025 March 21 Friday
2026 March 21 Saturday
2027 March 21 Sunday

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