World Autism Awareness Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, April 2nd. There are until the next observance.

The 2nd of April is World Autism Awareness Day. Did you know that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is 4.3 times more common in males than in females, according to CDC data? According to the Child Mind Institute, this is because females “often go undiagnosed because they don’t fit the stereotypes of autism and they mask symptoms better than boys do.” There is no better way to commemorate this day than by learning about the characteristics of persons who have this illness and how we can all do more to raise our own understanding and encourage compassion.

📆 When is World Autism Awareness Day?

This year, World Autism Awareness Day is on April 2nd. It is the 1st Sunday in April; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to World Autism Awareness Day

Did you know: In 2018, around one in every 59 children was diagnosed with autism; boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed with the disorder.

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📜 History of World Autism Awareness Day

The name “autism” first appeared in print in 1911, when psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler used it to describe a specific cluster of symptoms that were thought to be basic signs of schizophrenia, such as excessive social detachment.

In that order, pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Leo Kanner defined autism as a social and emotional disorder in his article “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact” in 1943, and Hans Asperger published his “Autism Psychopathology Article” in 1944, describing autism as a disorder of normal intelligence in children who struggle with social and communication skills. These publications made an essential addition to the research that led to the classification of autism as a distinct condition from schizophrenia in 1980.

With the ongoing investigation and research on autism, the “United Nations General Assembly” on “Resolution 62/139” and adopted on December 18, 2007, set World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 of each year to encourage member states to take action to raise awareness about people with autism spectrum disorder and support research to find new ways to improve wellness and inclusion.

In the fifth edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” in 2013, the “American Psychiatric Association” came up with the idea of autism as a spectrum. They did this by putting all of the subcategories of autism and related conditions into one category, even though they have different symptoms, severity, and characteristics.

☑️ World Autism Awareness Day facts

An early diagnosis can be really helpful
Autism can be diagnosed as early as age 2, and early treatment has the best chance of making things better.

Autism spectrum carries associated conditions
Children with autism issues are more likely than typical children to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, and more than half of children with autism have persistent sleep difficulties.

An expensive disorder
The cost of providing the services necessary for autism (including the diet) is projected to be $196 billion per year for adults and $66 billion per year for children.

Things to do on World Autism Awareness Day

Share information online
Even in this day and age, when practically everyone has access to information, many people are unaware of autism and the characteristics of people who have it. By educating the general public, you may become an advocate for the autistic population.

Get involved with autism associations
Many people have autism or have a family member who has autism and are members of a community-wide, national-wide, or global-wide organization. Make contact with them to participate in any activities scheduled for the day.

Take care of the people with autism spectrum diagnosis you know
World Autism Awareness Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate with your autistic friends! Plan sensory-sensitive activities for both of you to enjoy, and bring gluten-free and casein-free meals to share.

📅 World Autism Awareness Day Observances

2022 April 2 Saturday
2023 April 2 Sunday
2024 April 2 Tuesday
2025 April 2 Wednesday
2026 April 2 Thursday

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