World Braille Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, January 4th. There are until the next observance.

On January 4, World Braille Day is observed to commemorate the birth of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille. Braille’s gift to the world has brightened the lives of millions of blind or visually impaired individuals across the world, and they profit from his work every day. The day also recognizes that people with vision impairments have the same human rights as everyone else.

📆 When is World Braille Day?

This year, World Braille Day is on January 4th. It is the 1st Wednesday in January; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to World Braille Day

Did you know: In 1999, on its route to photograph Borrelly’s Comet, NASA’s Deep Space 1 passed by an asteroid and dubbed it “9969 Braille” in honor of Louis Braille.

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📜 History of World Braille Day

Braille finished his work by creating a code based on cells with six dots, allowing a fingertip to feel the full cell unit with a single touch and move swiftly from one cell to the next. Braille was eventually established around the world as the primary method of written information for blind people. Unfortunately, Braille did not live to witness how valuable his innovation had become. He died in 1852, two years before the Royal Institute of Blindness began teaching Braille.

The United Nations General Assembly praised Braille’s magnificent help, which opened up a world of accessible to the blind and visually challenged (UNGA). The fourth of January was designated as World Braille Day in November 2018. The next year was the inaugural World Braille Day, which was observed as an international holiday.

The UNGA picked Louis Braille’s birthday as the date for the event in a declaration. We love seeing people come together to celebrate events and charitable causes, and World Braille Day on January 4th is one such occasion!

☑️ World Braille Day facts

Braille is not a language
Braille is an alphabet that may be used to write practically any language, with variations in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, and other languages.

There are two versions
In contracted Braille, common words are written in a shorter way, while in uncontracted Braille, every word is written out.

There’s a version for maths and science
The Nemeth Code is a special type of Braille designed primarily for mathematics and science.

Things to do on World Braille Day

Raise awareness
Please spread the word! Not everyone understands the significance of Braille. Use your social media networks to spread the word.

Give a gift in Braille
Donate or give a Braille present to a partially sighted or blind individual. This might be a book, a toy, or educational equipment.

Learn to read Braille
Why not learn to read in Braille? It could be helpful because you could use what you know to teach and help someone who is in dire need.

📅 World Braille Day Observances

2023 January 4 Wednesday
2024 January 4 Thursday
2025 January 4 Saturday
2026 January 4 Sunday
2027 January 4 Monday

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