World Savings Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Monday, October 31st. There are until the next observance.

Every year on October 31, we observe World Savings Day, also known as World Thrift Day. The festival emphasizes the need to save for the future. Saving is necessary for a variety of reasons, including retirement, schooling, home purchase, marriage, and so on. It is also prudent to save for unanticipated occurrences, even if you have no immediate plans for the funds. Saving has proven a lifeline in several cases, allowing people to overcome unexpected bad luck. Scholarships are a terrific opportunity to start saving early in your academic career. Are you unsure of where to begin? Visit Scholaroo to get all of the scholarship information you’ll need.

📆 When is World Savings Day?

This year, World Savings Day is on October 31st. It is the 5th Monday in October; in 2023, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to World Savings Day

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📜 History of World Savings Day

Though various nations commemorate a day for saving, World Savings Day makes the concept more international, bringing more people on board. In addition, several nations need encouragement as a result of the ravages of war. However, following WWII, thrifting became more fashionable than ever.

Because of the significance of saving, banks have opened their doors to more individuals, particularly in developing countries. Non-governmental groups have also played an important role in emphasizing the significance of conservation.

World Savings Day features a different theme each year that captures the spirit of saving. These themes inspire more individuals to start saving money. Similarly, banks and other financial organizations have devised a number of initiatives to encourage consumers to save more and make more significant investments. This is a time when the government and other groups, like schools and the media, try to get more people to save.

World Savings Day is another celebration that encourages youngsters to save. Piggy banks have always been an excellent concept since they instill a sense of prosperity in youngsters when they learn how much they’ve saved. And, let’s face it, even grownups enjoy the concept of piggy banks!

☑️ World Savings Day facts

Unexpected expenses
Unexpected expenses cost Americans more than $2,000 per person.

Save without seeing the money
You can deduct a particular amount of money from your pay or earnings for savings.

Save money by saving resources
When you spend less on things like water and electricity, you save money.

Things to do on World Savings Day

Start saving
World Savings Day is all about saving money, and there is no better time than now to get started.

Open a savings bank account
Create a savings account where your money is safe to avoid theft and impulsive purchases.

Encourage your children to save
Teach your children the value of saving money. Tell them about the holiday’s theme and encourage them to save a bit of their pocket money.

📅 World Savings Day Observances

2023 October 31 Tuesday
2024 October 31 Thursday
2025 October 31 Friday
2026 October 31 Saturday
2027 October 31 Sunday

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