WORLD VOICE DAY for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, April 16th. There are until the next observance.

World Voice Day, celebrated on April 16, is dedicated to honoring the wonder of the human voice and raising awareness about concerns impacting voice health. The holiday strives to highlight the importance of the human voice in everyday encounters. The voice is essential for healthy and efficient human communication. World Voice Day raises awareness across the world about the need for preventing voice issues, rehabilitating troublesome voices, training creative voices, and researching the function and use of the human voice. One of the major goals of World Voice Day is to encourage all voice owners and users to understand how to care for their voices, as well as how to seek help when necessary, and to promote voice research.


This year, WORLD VOICE DAY is on April 16th. It is the 3rd Sunday in April; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to WORLD VOICE DAY

Did you know: The human voice cords are made up of two mucous membrane infolds.

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📜 History of WORLD VOICE DAY

The human voice is made up of sounds generated by a person’s vocal tract. Talking, singing, laughing, sobbing, yelling, shouting, and humming are some of the actions that arise from this. Human voice frequency is particularly significant in the generation of suns, where certain vocal folds or cords are the dominant source of sound. Other modes of human sound creation from the same body area include “unvoiced consonants,” “clicks,” “whistling, and whispering.

The lungs, the voice box (vocal folds within the larynx), and the articulators comprise the mechanism for creating or producing a sound frequency from the human voice. The lungs must provide enough airflow and pressure to induce vibrations in the vocal folds for the sound generation equation to operate. The vocal folds then cooperate with the lungs’ air pressure to produce audible pulses that serve as the larynx’s sound source. To establish precise pitch and tone, the laryngeal muscles regulate the length and tension of the vocal folds. The articulators are the portions of the vocal tract that are located above the larynx and include the tongue, palate, cheeks, and lips. They filter the sound made by the larynx and, in some ways, work with it to increase or decrease the airflow from the larynx as a sound source.


Voice breaks result from the larynx thickening
The thickening of the larynx causes a boy’s voice to break or deepen.

Tim Storms has an incredibly low voice
Tim Storms, a singer, is reported to have such a deep voice that he can sing the lowest notes audible only to elephants.

First record of the longest sustained note
In 2009, the first record for the longest sustained voice note was achieved.

Things to do on WORLD VOICE DAY

Lend your voice to a voiceover
You may give your voice to a voiceover for World Voice Day. If you’ve ever been told that you have a great voice, now is your time to capitalize on it.

Record yourself singing
You may film a video of yourself singing, whether you can or not. Just for fun, post it online.

Attend an opera
Here’s your chance to go to an opera, which is normally a high-society event, but where you can experience the human voice at its finest. It’s also an excuse to get dressed up!

📅 WORLD VOICE DAY Observances

2022 April 16 Saturday
2023 April 16 Sunday
2024 April 16 Tuesday
2025 April 16 Wednesday
2026 April 16 Thursday

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