Photo by Ronnie George on Unsplash

The master bathroom should be your sanctuary, as stylish as it is soothing. We’ve rounded up 10 stunning ways to create the dream bath you’ll love relaxing in and escaping to every day. People often search for content similar to this on Youtube. Do not delay your success. Buy youtube subscribers and reach out to your audience starting today.

Bring in Vintage Accents

There’s no beating a pristine white bath, but adding a few gorgeous vintage accents—glimmering sconces, a gilded mirror, a side table or ottoman with a gently timeworn patina—can enrich the look and feel of your retreat without taking away from the calming effect. Choose pieces with an airy note, such as light woods and upholstery, slender silhouettes, and glass and mirrored designs; a slim leaning mirror can be perfect for reflecting light and opening up the space.

Fashion a Chic Vanity

The master bath is more than just a beautiful bathtub or a sensational shower space. Set up a place for primping that’s full of fashion edge: Pull up an elegant side chair to your sink vanity, keep to gleaming silver and mirrored finishes (a reflective ottoman or side table adds major shine), and choose boldly colorful art with an overt nod to the world of style. It all adds up to a shimmering space that will make getting ready a chic event.

Embrace Natural Beauty

A perfect way to infuse your bath with cozy charm and serenity is to bring in rustic pieces that feature natural elements and materials, such as a botanical print, a woven basket, and a raw-wood stool. The natural materials can pair beautifully with crisp white as well as with other earthy pieces. Here, a faded urn and a thick brown rug add texture while perfectly complementing their surroundings.

Go Bold with Black and White

Whether you’re living in a city apartment or a country home, a black-and-white bath is inherently luxe. It’s all about mixing bold motifs, shapes, and finishes. Here, subway tiles with dark grout and ornate medallion floor tiles set the stage, accentuated by windowpane shower doors with black trim. Captivating geometric lighting and shower and tub fixtures in matte black finishes top off the look. Look to add pieces with distinctive patterns, which will help keep the space crisp and inviting rather than stark.

Add Statement Pieces

Try juxtaposing smooth wood and stone with richly antiqued pieces that present more visual texture; the effect can be unexpectedly luxurious as well as lived-in. An oversize antiqued mirror, like this silver-leafed one, can make for an unusual focal point that adds both polish and patina. Rather than a flush-mount ceiling fixture, why not try a vintage chandelier or pendant as another unexpected statement?

Outfit with Elegant Seating and Lighting

Why not approach decorating your bath in the same way you would a living space, with gorgeous seating and varied lighting sources? An upholstered bergère can do wonders to cozy up a tiled bath. A pretty vanity chair always elevates your pampering station. A chandelier, a floor lamp, and some sconces make elegant lighting sources to temper an otherwise pristine space. The key is to outfit your bath with a well-rounded assortment of “real” furniture, to bring in warmth and character.

Mix In Lots of Art

There’s no reason a gallery wall can’t work in the bath. In fact, hanging vintage photos and prints in the bath can infuse the room with a sense of character and make it feel ultrapersonal. A medley of black-and-white photographs mixed with paintings and portraits, with smaller pieces arranged between larger ones, will keep the vibe casually stylish rather than museumlike. And don’t be afraid to hang art above door frames, which can give the illusion of height or accentuate soaring ceilings.


Choose Spectacular Wallpaper

Balance bright and crisp with a dose of whimsy in your master bath by covering the walls in a playful wallpaper, be it a painterly pattern or a simple print. A lavish design can amp up the glamour, while a low-key motif, as seen here, keeps the walls from feeling empty without being overly imposing. The fun print also provides an ideal neutral backdrop for layering bright accents, such as the trellis pillow, the blue-and-white vase, and the colorful catchalls on the counter.


Brighten with Color and Pattern

If you’re not one for a sparkling white bath, try punching up the space with a tightly curated color palette and a mix of patterns in your towels, curtains, and accents. Greens and blues have a calming effect; shades ranging from forest green to teal definitely work together harmoniously in this bath. From there, focus on a few patterns, such as the leafy curtains and towels and the striped ottoman and bath mat here. A great way to avoid going too far with color or pattern is to add a bit (think towels or accents), then step back and see if you think the room can handle a tad more.

Contrast Old and New

Dream up a deeply romantic bath full of antique charm with rich woods, a claw-foot tub, and a moody palette. In this gorgeous bathroom, walls painted partially in dark navy create an enveloping atmosphere; the ornate tiles, the tripod side table, and the vintage settee make for beautiful contrasts to the stark porcelain tub and double sink. The shower curtain, treated like fancy drapes, has a luxe and theatrical effect, which proves thinking outside the box can do wonders for your bathroom style.