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Bisexuality is often misunderstood. It often seems to be the initial from that LGBTQ acronym that is still capable of throwing up more than its fair share of preconceptions. Some people are still under the false impression that people claim to be bisexual because they are either indecisive or just downright greedy! The assumption is that bisexuals don’t want to commit to a particular sexual orientation because they want the best of everything. If you’re a bisexual woman, you might face particularly negative comments from onlookers, especially arrogant males who assume that whatever ‘confusion’ you are going through, they’ll be able to change you! It’s time to dispel some of those myths and outline exactly what it’s like to live – and thrive – as a bisexual woman.

You don’t have to choose only between women or men

If you have ever asked the question, ‘what are the chances of finding a bisexual woman near me?’ here’s one of the best tips we can give you.

Rather than going down the frequently unsatisfying route of hanging around in bars or clubs or other social outlets, where you can have no real way of identifying individuals who would tick your boxes, you should sign up for a dating outlet. This is where you will come across a pool of talent that will be incredibly diverse and also fully compatible. You can guarantee that everyone who has signed up to any bisexual matchmaking resource has done so because they are keen to commit to a relationship with someone on the same wavelength. If you are still confused about the likely outcomes of getting involved in any sort of bi partnership, there will be blogs you can refer to, as well as chat rooms or forums where every single topic is up for discussion.

You may never try a gay relationship and still be bisexual

There are so many different aspects to bisexuality, and this is one of the reasons why it is still a topic that remains cloaked in stigma, even in the supposedly enlightened early 21st century. People are so quick to affix labels to different things, with a common assumption being that if you have bisexual tendencies, then you must conform to certain expectations. But one of the main aspects of this form of sexual orientation is its fluid nature. While you may be strongly attracted to people of the same sex, perhaps you have only ever enjoyed heterosexual relationships up until this point? But this isn’t to say that you might not find yourself strongly attracted to another female at some point. A golden piece of advice is simply to ignore what wider society might seem to think of you and follow your heart’s course.

People will say you are just confused about your sexuality

One of the biggest myths of all about bisexuality is that it is down to not knowing what you want. As we have been stressing, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, bi individuals have to be particularly emphatic about their feelings as they are surrounded by so many untruths and falsehoods. The moment you come across a ‘know-it-all’ who suggests that what you are going through is down to confusion, turn round to them and point out that this is nonsense. Again, although it might be difficult to switch off from the outside world, you should remain focused on your innermost emotions and not allow yourself to be buffeted by ignorance.

Both straight and gay people may see you as an outsider

The eternal dilemma of anyone who is bisexual, even bi-curious, is straight people, as well as other members of the LGBT community (especially gays and lesbians), may never quite accept you for what you are. As far as they are concerned, because you are not conforming to the pigeonholes they have got used to, you will always be an outsider. This is down to their attitudes, and you should try to remain focused. Remember, there are always chat rooms in bi-oriented dating sites where you can tap into support from people thinking just like you. You are never alone.

Always try to find common ground when you are engaging in conversations with the girls or boys you are drawn towards. Whether you intend to join in group discussions in a chat room or you’re flirting with a stranger at a bar, it would pay to have a list of pre-determined topics. Perhaps you could pay attention to a website with information about a universal subject, such as birthdays, and then drop that into the chat as an icebreaker. You’ll soon be making the most of the many opportunities there are for bisexual women to find interesting partners.