Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Is there an ideal time of year for gay couples to enjoy dates? The obvious answer might be the summertime, with all the possibilities of catching rays, sunbathing by a pool, or traveling to exotic foreign locations. But the winter can also present so many fabulous dating opportunities in the UK. Whether you’ve just met an exciting new partner and are eager to impress, or you and your husband are spending a romantic Christmas together, let’s look into some recommended suggestions.

1 Newly-formed couple

Say you’ve only met a guy recently. Perhaps you clicked in your favorite gay bar? Or, as is increasingly more likely, by taking advantage of one of the many UK gay dating outlets that are springing up. As you interact with prospective partners in these outlets, you could use winter date suggestions as a conversational icebreaker. Planning exciting activities online is a fantastic way to develop a rapport. You can register for most gay dating services for free, and will soon be flirting with a cross-section of handsome hunks! How about checking out some of our dating suggestions for new gay relationships to give you some inspiration?

Picnic time

Granted, picnics are something we associate with sunny afternoons in a park, with tasty treats and chilled wine. But there are no rules to say you can’t enjoy a similar scenario indoors! Lay out a rug, prepare some refreshments, then invite your new partner around for a feast. This informal date idea would also provide the right ambiance for getting to know each other better.

Enjoy the countryside

There’s something mystical about a frosty and tranquil British landscape. Why not suggest meeting somewhere outside and going for a romantic stroll? You’d never have to worry about running out of conversation topics because there would be different vistas around every corner. You could also arrange pit stops at suitable hostelries or coffee shops en route when you feel like thawing out.

A night at the movies

Whether you book tickets for your local multiplex or art theater, or you suggest snuggling on a couch in front of Netflix, winter is the ideal time to escape into Hollywood. Treat the occasion just as you would a proper night at the cinema, making sure you have a generously-sized bucket of popcorn to share and a selection of drinks. Why not stream a romantic comedy that will get you both in the mood?

2 Established couples

While it’s always easier to think of date ideas with someone you know well and whose tastes you’re familiar with, it can also be worthwhile thinking outside the box. The worst thing that could happen to a longer-term gay relationship would be taking each other for granted! Far better to think of some unusual activities to enjoy and ensure the fires of passion remain stoked.

Winter sports

Unless you live in northern climes, where you’re used to extensive snowdrifts, sudden flurries of snow can bring out your inner child! So when you wake up to discover the streets have been blanketed in white overnight, contact your boyfriend and suggest wrapping up warm and embarking on an outdoor date. You have a choice of sledding, skiing, ice skating, or simply indulging in snowball fights! How about building a snowman together? If either of you is feeling particularly carefree, you could lie back and make a snow angel. The best thing about all this outdoor activity is that it will fuel your appetite and make you anticipate hot drinks and cozy afternoons in front of the TV watching the latest Christmas movies.

Look to the future

The best way to counteract the winter blues is to anticipate next year’s holiday. So another date idea would involve inviting your partner over to make a shortlist of destinations. Have a bunch of glossy brochures ready to pore over and a bottle of bubbly in the fridge. Start browsing through the possibilities, sinking a few glasses of fizz to give you some inspiration! Now jot down ideas, whether you fancy a romantic weekend break in a major city or spending a couple of weeks of rural sightseeing in Wales or Scotland. Finally, go online and make the booking. Having something to look forward to will put a spring in your step and bring you closer together.

As we have demonstrated, wintertime can be full of romance. When the nights grow darker, and it gets colder outside, what better excuse to don Christmas sweaters, prepare some mulled wine, then snuggle in front of a roaring fire with your significant other? Should your time together at this time of year coincide with a December birthday, then you could make it a double-celebration. Just make sure you have some mistletoe to hand – then you can demonstrate how much you mean to each other!