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If you have a child then you are likely to have been hit with the loom band craze that’s sweeping the country at the moment.

They are everywhere, and while they are fantastic at keeping kids entertained, they can be a real pain to store in a way that makes it easy for them to play with when they want to – finding what they need for specific patterns etc…

This post aims to alleviate that pain a little – by showing you how I have solved the issue of storing loom bands, both for when at home, and also when out and about – hope it helps! Youtube is the best platform to share your handy tips and tricks for home. It’s the sort of content that saves a lot of time, so it’s always popular with the viewers. However, if you are not getting the results you initially had, then you can always buy youtube subscribers and grow your audience

My daughter has been playing with loom bands for a good few months now, and I must admit I’m slightly jealous of the person who invented them – such a simple idea that can keep a child engaged for ages, both boys and girls in fact – I defy anyone to go out at the moment and not see a bracelet on someones wrist within a few minutes!

The problem we were finding was that although we had a nice box for all the bands to be stored in, when it came to being creative and wanting specific colors for a pattern then it was taking far too long to search through the box with them all in.

As my daughter’s collection of bands grew (single colors, multi coloured, striped, neon, pastel and even ones that smell nice!) – they were becoming harder and harder to contain in a way that made making bracelets and other things easier.

When something becomes too arduous to do, you go off doing that thing very quickly – make it easier and it becomes a pleasure again.

I must also admit that the fact they were stored in one large mess of different colors wasn’t helping my organized brain stay calm at all!

Something had to be done, and the answer was very easy – staring me in the face in fact.

A while ago I wrote a post on how to organize the small things in your home, using a great plastic container – and seeing this made me think that something similar would be perfect for the loom bands too.

So off I went to Hobbycraft to see what they had (I can never resist a trip there!).

I could have chosen the same products as I used for the small storage, but opted for something slightly less expensive as the box wasn’t to be carried around so didn’t really need to have a handle on it and it didn’t need to hold much weight. The chosen option was the Hobbycraft own brand plastic storage box range.

These come in all sorts of sizes, are relatively inexpensive, and what I really like is that you can change the size and shape of the compartments, so that you can add in all the loom band accessories as well as the bands themselves easily.

An hour or so (!) after getting home, and we had this:-

We made room for all the different colours that my daughter had, and also created larger compartments for the tools and the loom itself to be neatly stored away.

What I also liked about getting something this size is that if she had any instructions printed out from magazines etc…, to show her how to do certain patterns, they can be kept in the box easily so absolutely everything is contained together, ready for her to grab and get started whenever she has some time spare.

This was the perfect solution for home, but what about when we went out? My daughter always takes a few things to keep her entertained when we go out – but this was impractical as it was large and so would soon get burdensome to carry around. A second solution was needed.

 When out and about…

Loom bands are perfect as entertainment when children are out and about as they are light and also entertain for ages unlike so many other toys which last a few minutes at best.

The simple fix that I bought was to have a similar box just in a smaller size, that would fit into my daughters bag – which would still have compartments for the different coloured bands, but would be easy to carry around. Perfect!

So – whether we are staying in or going out – we should be covered from now on – at least until the next craze comes along that is………

Do you have Loom bands in your house? If so, how do you store yours? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…..

NOTE – After this post was originally written, I have now seen boxes similar to what I have featured in this post – already filled with loom bands and sorted into coloured compartments which would be an ideal way of starting a collection, so look out for them in the shops!