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Ripple is among the top 10 best crypto assets in the market. The platform was engineered long before we heard about Bitcoin. The project went through modifications and improvements, and today we have a comprehensive platform for cross-border money transactions with a large number of customers worldwide.

XRP is a crypto Ripple that acts as an intermediary for currency conversion in the process of remittances. We can find the Ripple coin in crypto rankings. It is ranked 6th, its price is $0,4381, its market cap is over $21,2 billion, and its daily trade volume exceeds $3,6 billion. Next, we will talk about how to invest in Ripple and discuss why it is worth doing so.

How to Buy XRP Ripple?

We recommend buying digital assets only on credible and trusted platforms like WhiteBIT. This exchange allows buying crypto with fiat currencies directly with your bank card. Let’s see how to do it:

  1. register on WhiteBIT;
  2. verify your account;
  3. add your bank card;
  4. move funds to your account;
  5. place an order to buy XRP Ripple;
  6. pay the fee;
  7. receive XRP in your account in a matter of seconds.

What is the Point of Investing In XRP?

200 companies in the world already use the Ripple groundbreaking technology. The fact is that Ripple can compete with a popular SWIFT system, for it performs much better than it:

  • Ripple enables much faster currency conversion and transfers worldwide.
  • Ripple network’s fees are insignificant compared with bank commissions.

However, the Ripple company has some problems with SEC that slow down its development. SEC demands Ripple acknowledge the XRP token as security to have control over the crypt scope. Investors buy XRP tokens for the long term because the project is up-and-coming, and when the judicial proceedings with SEC are solved, Ripple has great changes to expand its application scope and increase Ripple coin price.