Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You will be spending your special day by yourself this year. Whether by intent or because of the circumstances, being alone can feel like your birthday is just another regular day. Perhaps you’re not even in the mood for celebrations. But what if your upcoming birthday was one to look out for? What if you treated yourself to a neat present, a meaningful experience, or maybe just some well-deserved me-time? Here are seven ways to brighten your birthday all on your own.

Cook something special for breakfast

Even if you’re not much of a breakfast person, there is no better start to your day than a morning feast. So, whether you’re on a break or headed to a day in the office, try and prepare something special on your birthday morning. You could go the decadent way with some comforting waffles or French toasts. Don’t forget to spice up your morning drinks either, selecting a top-quality coffee brew or a premium tea brand.

Go on a shopping spree

No guest on your birthday doesn’t mean no gift. And sometimes, the best presents are the ones you keep to yourself. So, why don’t you take the day off to go shopping? You can fill up your closet with new clothes, make a raid to the closest bookshop, or buy dozens of comfy cushions to redecorate your place. Whatever your desires, pick the items that will lift your spirits. 

Treat yourself to a luscious dinner

Is there a restaurant you’re passing by every day without ever daring to book a table? Your birthday is the perfect time to make that reservation. If you’re on a budget, you don’t even have to pick a high-end outlet for this solo date. Just go out and order the yummiest food your stomach can handle. You may be intimidated by eating out on your own, though. If you don’t feel like treading into unknown, possibly awkward territory, order some take-away to bring home on a movie night.

Plan a movie marathon

Cinema rhymes with escapism. For two to three hours, movies embark you on an epic journey to forget about it all. But on your birthday, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single film. Sit back, grab some snacks and a blanket, and stream any movie you’d like. You’ve been dreaming of a Harry Potter marathon for a while? You’re late on the hottest Korean drama? Turn your home into the coziest movie theatre. 

Enjoy a fun game night

Are you more of a gamer than a movie-goer? From FPS to battle royale games, multiplayer platforms are great for sharing some entertaining times with fellow gamers. If you’re living in a foreign country or just settled in a new place, online gaming also allows you to connect with your loved ones. So, you miss playing cards with your buds? Even in countries that prohibit gambling like Vietnam, online casino (sòng bài trực tuyến) give access to thousands of games. Punters can hit up live dealer tables before trying their hand at fun-filled slots. They can also claim handsome bonuses to fund their payroll. Plus, top platforms are mobile-compatible for an even more flexible experience. 

Book a spa treatment

Coping with the pressure of everyday life is demanding enough not to add in some extra stress on your birthday. Thus, a spa treatment is ideal to let off some much-needed steam. So, head out to a massage parlor for a relaxing session. Massages can further benefit your health by reducing anxiety and relieving stress-induced insomnia. You can also go for a sauna round or a steam room session. And if you’re dreaming of breaking your routine, you might even make a trip to a scenic hot spring

Take a trip

Staying at home may not be your definition of a gleeful birthday. Then, why don’t you pack your things and hit the road? If you’ve never traveled solo, go local. Natural wonders are all around, and hiking the outdoors is a perfect way to clear your head. To end the day on a magical note, you could even go camping under the stars. Alternatively, have a breather away from home by planning a city trip in a distant country or hitting a paradise island.