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Do you reckon you’ve got a good handle on planning romantic get-togethers? If you’re especially drawn to age-gap relationships, do you excel at suggesting outings for your older partner? Do you sometimes struggle to think of something interesting or spontaneous – worse still, do you make assumptions about what she might prefer based on her maturity? Planning the perfect date for a cougar can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But it shouldn’t be. With a little imagination and a lot of creativity, you should be able to spring the perfect surprise. Let’s look into some pointers guaranteed to put a smile on any cougar’s face.

What you need to know about cougar dating

A big mistake that younger guys make when embarking on relationships with older partners is taking them for granted. A key piece of advice would be not to treat an older lover any differently than any other romantic connection. But the good news for younger dudes who might be new to the age-gap dynamic is that once they get familiar with what older women appreciate, they’re in for a wonderful time. Firstly, local cougars can be easily connected with online on dedicated older dating platforms. These sophisticated mature women are extremely IT-savvy, and you can tap into thriving cougar communities via your laptop or keyboard. Registration on these cougar dating sites is straightforward and will introduce you to a treasure trove of potential talent.

Consider her hobbies and occasions

So, once you’ve connected with a sensual older woman, you can enrich your relationship by thinking of original date ideas. This is where you can give her the impression she has made the right romantic choice – one reason for cougars being attracted to younger guys is the sense of adventure. (They might well have grown jaded at the uninspired date ideas they were once subjected to by dull older ex-partners!) So, pay close attention to her hobbies and passions. What does she like to do in her spare time? Don’t make it too obvious that you are fishing for information if you are planning to surprise her. Rather, slip queries about favorite movies, cuisine, holiday destinations, or preferred musical acts into the general conversation. Pay attention to remarks she makes about places she’d like to visit. Ask her friends for advice and inspiration.

Several interesting date ideas

To give your secret plans a boost, how about taking some suggestions on board? Here are four of our most recommended date ideas; not in any order, simply to spark your creative imagination.

– visit a local winery

Cougars have often developed a taste for the finer things in life. They’ll appreciate being invited to a local wine bar, but these venues can get crowded and annoying! An even more intimate date would be to plan an excursion to a winery. Here you can learn all about how various tasty wines are produced and get to sample mouth-watering examples. The experience can bring you and your cougar together as you debate the merits of the different flavors. Afterward, there will be an opportunity to purchase bottles of your favorites. The romantic occasion could continue with a picnic or a candlelit meal in a more intimate setting.

– Buy tickets to the theatre

The theatre is always a cougar-friendly environment. Whether her preference is for serious-minded plays, such as Shakespeare or contemporary dramas, musicals, or lighthearted comedies, a night out in front of a stage is guaranteed to impress. Again, it would be important to determine her ideal theatre jaunt beforehand by undertaking some of the detective work suggested. But once you’ve determined the type of outing she’d most appreciate, you can buy two tickets as appropriate.

– Go see a local art exhibition

To some, art galleries might seem dry and uninspiring. Not cougars. These bright, vivacious women love anything that challenges their imagination. So, keep an eye on forthcoming events and exhibitions, whether in galleries, museums, or less auspicious locations such as church halls or community centers. Do you want to really impress her during your art surprise? Do some homework about the art involved, then once you walk around the exhibits or paintings you can chip in with comments.

– Try horse-riding

Think of date ideas where your cougar partner can truly relax. Outdoors activities are always to be recommended, and a special time for doing so would be during the stress-awareness month. Plan a horse-riding excursion. There’s always a wonderful symbiotic relationship with these noble creatures.

By following our straightforward pointers, you’ll guarantee success in your endeavors to keep your cougar happy. Much of this is down to common sense, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few more ideas on board. Once you get into the swing of springing surprises, you’ll undoubtedly gain the inspiration to make this a regular feature of your relationship.