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Although many people think of only younger folk when talking about casual dating, the truth is that online dating is a suitable & often beneficial strategy for singles of all ages, younger or older – it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t been having any luck with the in-person approach but aren’t ready to give up on finding love just yet, you can give online dating a shot! It might be a bit different than the traditional face-to-face dating you’re used to, but with a bit of practice, you’re sure to jump right back into the dating world & shine. Ready to find love? Keep reading!

Choose Photos Demonstrating You Are in Good Shape

Physical attractiveness is one of the things you’ll want to highlight in your dating profile. Of course, not everyone is in peak physical condition, so if you’re not, don’t worry too much. Simply select photos that you find flattering, and avoid photos that make you look “fat” or “flabby,” even if, with age, your body naturally becomes not as fit as it used to be. This becomes even more important if you’re only looking for older hookups since hookups are entirely physical (not emotionally) based.

Don’t Go Overboard with Too Much Personal Information

It can be tempting to spill your entire life out at once, but avoid doing this at all costs! Not only is this opening you up to potential identity theft, but it may also freak out or scare away your new older partner. As a general rule, don’t share any information with a chat partner that you wouldn’t share with a co-worker. If your birthday happens to fall on a well-known holiday, then that is OK to share, but unless you have a specific reason to share personal information (such as sharing your phone number to call each other), keep private information private.

Specify What Type of Dates You Are Looking For

Generally speaking, older singles on dating sites will be looking for one of three things: a hookup, Friends With Benefits (FWBs), or a relationship. Hookups are one-time sexual encounters, completely absent of any emotional attachment. FWBs are similar, but they will be ongoing sexual encounters that may also double as friendship in the long run. As implied, a relationship is just that—a relationship! You’ll need to determine what types of dates you’re interested in and post this information in your profile. This will save you the trouble of wasting time messaging people who have different dating goals than you. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, write this on your profile! It’s completely fine to not be 100% sure, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to be as honest as possible with any potential partners.

Avoid Clichés to Spark Interest in Potential Partners

The best part about online dating is that there are so many potential partners of your age! Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword. Although you’ll have plenty of older people to match with, you’ll also be jumping into a sea of singles, which means that you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Specifics are best, but at minimum, you want to avoid using clichés as a basis for your dating profile. The easiest way to do this is just by elaborating! For example, don’t say you’re a “cat person.” Instead, say that you’re “the father of two lovely, fluffy cats that are more than happy to spend their days passed out in front of the TV.” While this still conveys the same information, it also adds a bit of character to your page and shows that you’re a real person, not just a cookie-cutter online dating profile.

Work on Your Positive Image

When it comes to online dating and hookups when you get older, first impressions are everything! Fortunately, it’s really easy to make a positive first impression when you’re using an online dating service. You might be thinking that your first impression would be your first message, but that’s not the case. Your first impression is your profile page! Make sure your profile highlights all of the positives of your personality, showcases your good looks, and makes potential suitors want to message you. After you’ve started receiving messages, you can worry about your opening lines. If you don’t succeed initially, don’t fret! Simply write down opening lines that didn’t result in a good conversation, and avoid using these in the future. Online dating isn’t a universal experience, which means that some people will find matches for hookups and dates right away, and others will take a bit. Regardless of how fast you find a match, the important part is to just have fun! Your “ideal hookup partner” is out there waiting for you, so why not enjoy yourself in the meantime. You’re sure to meet up soon enough!