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In order to focus on homework or any other kind of academic labor, a person needs to feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease, and free of all distractions.

Various people react differently to light or background noises, which makes the study room design a decision that should be the result of careful planning and thinking.

Although there will always be some aspects of the decor that are not applicable to all people, there are some universal solutions that we would like to share with you in this article. If you have a twitter account, are into microblogging and want higher visibility for your posts then buy twitter followers and get started.

Let there be light

Daylight is your best friend when it comes to studying.

People are more alert while learning under natural illumination than artificial light, especially if the source sends out dim or extremely bright light.

However, since sleep improves our learning process, allowing the sunshine to wake you up early in the morning before you’re properly rested can interfere with our learning ability.

Use curtains to keep the light at bay before you wake up on your own, and keep them wide open during the day so the light can enter the room and drive your focus.

Crushed velvet curtains serve the best when it comes to blocking light. They effectively block light from all sources no matter it comes from natural sources or artificial ones. You can find a good and matching pair from a popular crushed velvet curtains store.

You could combine curtains and drapes, and keep the drapes on during the night and spread them wide open in the morning so that sunshine could pass through.

Isolate noise

Noise is a natural distraction, it keeps us alert to danger which is why our brain reacts vigorously to auditory stimuli, lifting our awareness from anything we were engaged with up until then.

Depending on whether you’re living in a house or an apartment building, there are only so many things you could do about unwanted noise be it from the street vehicles, neighbors, or local construction site.

According to Scientific American, noise also has a negative influence on our health because it distributes small amounts of stress which can build up and cause medical issues.

The best thing you can do is install some window shutters, which will suspend most of the incoming noise.

The thick carpet will also absorb much of the vibration, as well as some soft furniture and wall hangings.

You’ve already acquired those thick drapes from the first tip, and your room should be quiet enough for undisturbed studying.

Get a proper study desk and chair

Healthy posture is of paramount importance for our ability to stay in one position for a long time and memorize the information that we read.

A proper work table, along with a fitting chair is one of the basic study room ideas you could have when thinking through decoration possibilities, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk.

You should have enough space to set everything you need for studies at the table, as well as special stocks for materials such as paper, pens, CDs, or whatever you require for learning.

A well-organized desk should be spacious and allow you to find anything you need seamlessly, as well as provide effortless storing of the materials.

Have a bookshelf nearby

Your books and other resources should be organized in an order that’s most logical to you, so you could find anything you need without moving around too much and searching through a pile of books before you realize that what you were looking for is an entirely different room.

Your bookshelf should match your style but also keep a high level of usefulness.

It’s not a bad idea to use some sticky tags and label each section of your shelf, so you always know where to look for, and where to return what you took from the bookshelf.

This will leave you with more time for learning and reduce the amount of stress that we produce when can’t find what we are looking for.

Install an alarm clock

Depending on your method of learning, an alarm clock near you could have a positive effect on the outcome of your studies.

Most people prefer to separate their exam preparation in several milestones, each taking a dedicated amount of time, which helps them organize their learning process.

Since distractions such as laptop, cellphone, and other communication devices should be away from you during your homework, an alarm clock would not only manage your time but also serve as an attractive piece of décor.

Add motivation content

Students often live alone, even more often far away from home and people they love, so placing some family photos can help keep up the spirits when the emotions drag us down and block us from processing information.

You could also consider hanging some motivational posters, anything that will make you feel at home, safe, and at peace.

Furthermore, you could hang posters of cars, places, people that inspire you to move forward, or even a personal message that builds up your spirit.

A feast for the senses

Colors and smells influence heavily the way we feel, the way we think, and even the way we act, based on an article published by Scientific American.

According to this article, some colors like green, blue or purple inspire peace and concentration, while red, yellow, orange, and other warm colors keep us restless, unable to keep our mind fixed on our subject.

Additionally, scented candles can fill the room with jasmine, lemon, lavender, rosemary, and other scents that have a soothing property are a just some of the room décor ideas you might want to consider.

There are a lot of different design options that you can choose from, depending on the rest of your furniture and overall taste.


We hope this article helped you learn some more about how redecorating your space could trigger a positive effect on your learning potential.

We aimed to craft a piece that would display solutions that are not difficult to implement.

Allowing ourselves a piece of mind through our study process is the least we can do to save time, stay focused, and keep our work organized.