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Setting up a brick-and-mortar store may start a long journey into a prosperous retail business. The commercial success depends on the owner’s persistence and diligence, well-outlined development strategy, and promotion. Retail marketing and promotion help to make the brand recognizable among the clients, boost sales, and increase revenue. Well-performed promotional strategies maintain a steady rise of the business in the ever-changing market of commerce. 

Considering the importance of the online presence nowadays, it is important to implement marketing strategies both in online and offline environments, extending client outreach. 

What are the most impactful ideas regarding business promotion? Let’s explore together. 

1. Comfortable In-Store Environment

Physical shops have been gradually losing their popularity to e-commerce stores, which offer numerous benefits for their customers. In order to attract more clients to the store, it is important to create an environment where every client feels comfortable and appreciated. 

The ambiance of the shop should be well-lit, with enough space for movement, free WiFi, possibly some chairs or benches, a sufficient number of fitting rooms (for clothing stores), etc. It is important to be careful with music, and choose something neutral and not too loud — according to the statistics, noisy environments shorten the shop visit by 76%. 

Depending on the type of produce, it is important to come up with specific features offered exclusively to the visitors of a particular shop. Such an experience will make the customers feel special, and as a result, they will come for another visit.

2. Promotion Brochures

A marketing brochure can be printed or just digitally presented to the customers on the website, or in the store’s application. The brochure can contain all the introductory information regarding the store with its goods and services or can be designed for specific events, or regular sales. Brochure templates by VistaCreate offer numerous tools and patterns to create customizable brochures, and thus, attract potential clients to the store. As a rule, brochures consist of concise and visually appealing messages, which aim to evoke certain needs and feelings of the customers. 

3. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms will mirror the physical store in the digital dimension. With the help of platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, every business owner gets a chance to get closer to their customers and advertise specific services and goods. Business accounts help to schedule regular advertisements, post useful and up-to-date information, and maintain close contact with clients. 

4. Customer Care

Customer support is a powerful tool to take care of when establishing the brand’s image. The customer-business trust is built when the clients see that they are being heard, and their problems are taken into consideration immediately. 

It is important to have a helpline, with assistants who know how to communicate and handle various problems. Besides, all the online requests and issues should be addressed within minutes, without making the customers wait for hours and days, as it is simply disrespectful. 

5. Complementing Partnership

When setting up a local store, it is recommended to create a partnership network, connecting to the complementing businesses. It is a win-win cooperation, as businesses can double the number of loyal customers. However, it is important to establish partnerships with trusted companies, and the ones who share the same values and principles of functioning. 

6. In-Store Events

In-store events can feature workshops, special-events sales, shopping parties, tours to the manufacturing spots, invitation-based events, etc. When the customers understand that they are the chosen ones, it will turn them into loyal clients, and brand ambassadors, as such events will quickly be shared with family and friends, attracting more and more attention to your brand. 

7. Pricing Policies

When setting up a store it is important to outline the pricing policies, as a low-pricing approach can attract customers, yet make the business unprofitable. Too high prices will scare off the clients right from the start as well. Therefore, it is important to work on the financial statement, plan the sales and discounts, and develop the loyalty program for regular customers. 

8. Brand Ambassadors

If the store creates a welcoming environment for every client and makes them really special, the grateful customers will provide the best promotional technique free of charge — word of mouth. Despite numerous strategies and ads, people still trust more to the advice of their neighbors and friends. Thus, when loyal clients share stories about their positive shopping experience, it will work much better than any other well-planned and performed technique. 

The Bottom Line

Promotional strategies implemented in offline and online environments help every business occupy the desired niche and maintain a prosperous position in a long-term perspective. Creating online ads, spreading the brochures with special offers, events, and workshops — there are numerous options to implement. Schedule the usage of strategies, and let your business reach its true potential.