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For most people, the idea of engaging in a casual relationship is decidedly vague. Given their unique circumstances, they do not really understand what type of casual relations works best. It can conjure thoughts of a casual fling, a one-night stand, and even friends with benefits (FWB) scenarios. While most people are under the impression that those who are not happy with their existing relationship try casual dating, it is not always true. You can actually get some benefits from resorting to casual dating, which may even help strengthen your bond with your primary partner. 

There can be many reasons why people try casual relationships, but the fact is that most of them do not realize the subtle differences in those arrangements. Let’s talk more about those types.

Flings and Hookups

Do you think a fling is a fling and all types of casual connections are simply low-key and chilled? Think again. If you try any online dating site, you will find people interested in all sorts of quick flings. So many hookup girls are already registered on these platforms, making it exceptionally simple to find a partner. But, not all of them come with the same expectations. 

In the case of a classic fling, which is the most popular type on most dating sites, the relationship is all about physical intimacy. You do not want to waste time getting to know each other because the end goal is always to extract sexual pleasure from this arrangement. But things are different in emotional flings. This is when you become close to someone, confide in them, share your problems, and even offer emotional support. Depending on your expectations, online dating sites can prove helpful in all cases.

No Strings Attached

Quite like classical flings, a no-strings-attached (NSA) relationship is all about becoming involved with someone without any special conditions or restrictions for physical or emotional fidelity or support. Yet another popular category on dating sites, NSA relationships revolve around a purely physical connection. 

Some of the most popular platforms include Tinder, Bumble, and AdultFriendFinder. These sites offer users the ability to connect with potential partners based on their physical attributes and sexual preferences, with little emphasis on long-term compatibility or emotional connection. Also, dating websites for cheating spouses, such as Ashley Madison, Gleeden, and Illicit Encounters, provide a platform for people in committed relationships looking for a no-strings-attached physical connection outside of their partnership. However, it’s important to note that engaging in infidelity can have serious consequences and may ultimately harm the individuals involved and their partners.

For most people, the arrangement works when they are already in a good place with their financial and social life. They believe the only thing missing is “sex,” and they get it through NSA dating sites. There is no condition about being monogamous in such relationships because you are free to keep your dating options open. It means that if someone else piques your interest while you are seeing someone already, nothing holds you back from moving on and taking your chances with your new partner. No guilt involved here!

Friends with Benefits

With FWBs, things tend to become more enjoyable because you both know each other well, in that the relationship may continue for years. You see your “friend-with-benefits” after long intervals and spend time together to find sexual pleasure. You meet them, have a few days of romance, and then part ways without making any new commitments. 

Also called a romantic friendship or a f-buddy, the idea works for those who may already be in a relationship and still want some fun at the same time. While people are still quite skeptical about f-buddies, the popularity of these relationships on dating sites suggests a definite shift in how people perceive these casual arrangements. You can find a partner based on their hair color, birthday, and other preferences and meet someone who is the perfect FWB material.

Booty Calls

 A booty-call relationship is one in which a pair meets on a regular basis exclusively for physical intimacy. An encounter occurs when one of the phones or texts.” Netflix and Chill” has become a slang word to initiate a booty-call request. Don’t mix it with FWB, though, because unlike FWBs, where you can meet someone to socialize, you only meet to have sex in a booty-call relationship. 

Interestingly, these relationships can have short- and long-term mating strategies. Like short-term casual relationships, the focus is often solely on sex with no emotional or social component. But they are not as short-lived as one night stands, in that you meet your partner repeatedly in a booty call relationship. How you view these relationships and what you want to achieve out of them will ultimately determine your success in finding a partner on a dating site.


Casual relationships are becoming more popular than ever, thanks to online dating sites that help you find your next dating partner quickly and privately. No need to worry about being judged for what you want is the reason why people turn to dating sites in the first place. But it is worth mentioning that casual relationships are not always about sex; they can sometimes be more about your social life. You want a partner to hang out with your friends and feel better in a social setting. Therefore, you need to decide what your heart truly desires and then pick a dating site accordingly to find a dating partner.