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Gamblers are increasingly turning to the payment service PayPal. In addition, some casino operators in India give special bonuses for this.

Why is it better to deposit your account with PayPal

Operators who serve online casinos that use Paypal, so the user can fund the account in one second. Electronic wallets are ideal for this.

The player goes to the cashier, selects PayPal, and determines the amount. One can start from Rs 100 or go straight in with Rs 10,000. By the way, making regular deposits helps to unlock personal bonuses from the owners of the gambling club.

How to increase the number of personal bonuses in the casino

It is difficult to imagine a modern casino without a variety of bonus programs. Operators run short-term themed promotions, launch offers for newcomers and regular users. Gambling platforms compete in the attractiveness of the terms of the Loyalty Programme and cashback payments. The choice of special offers is large, but not all bonuses are publicly available. Here’s how to get information and activate hidden promotions.

Increase activity

The more bets a customer places with their own money, the better the casino treats them. Categories of players such as bonus-hunters are instantly banned, but active users who regularly top up their balance are a goldmine for gambling operators.

Active customers grow quickly on the Loyalty Program ladder, receiving attractive points exchange rates for real money and increased cashback percentages. The casino regularly sends personal messages with exclusive offers not available to other players. Customers with high turnover withdraw more quicker and are less likely to be subjected to checks.

The VIP club deserves special attention and is mainly made up of high rollers. Its most active members can often get back up to half of their lost money through cashback.

Keep up with casino news

Gambling operators publish special offers in the public domain. Often in such news promo codes are prescribed, improving the conditions of other promotions. For current updates, you can follow the following sources:

  • the news section on the casino website;
  • in the official sub-public operator on social networks;
  • via the site’s Telegram channel or chatbot.

Some of the bonuses in this category can be obtained without any additional conditions. This is where free bets and free spins with simple wagering often appear. This is a real opportunity to make a profit without any additional investment.

Subscribe to updates

Almost any casino has its email newsletter. It allows the company to increase the reach and loyalty of users. Bonuses are often available for subscribing to emails: increased cashback, freebies, free spins, promo codes, or improved deposit terms.

Another way to get hidden bonuses is to write a casino review on third-party platforms. Naturally, players are only expected to give positive feedback.