Open marriage can be a unique, beautiful form of relationship. The truth is that it’s not right for everyone. Still, some people are more predisposed and welcoming of these interactions, so we’re going to examine the astrological aspect of open marriage while looking at other important points. See if you have what you need to be in such a marriage. 

Who May Prefer This Type of Marriage?

An open marriage is when two people marry one another and then decide that one or both of the partners can have an affair. This is supported by both partners, even if one of them is not taking part in such relationships, and it does not upset the otherwise typical balance of their marriage. 

Before you start deciding whether you should be in this type of marriage, you must consider if you have what it takes. People who get involved in these marriages tend to be:

  • highly open-minded;
  • supportive;
  • welcoming;
  • not jealous;
  • trusting.

If you do not fit the bill, that’s fine. You just must be realistic about whether this sort of interaction is right for you. 

Zodiac Signs That Are More Open-Minded

Looking at open marriages from an astrological standpoint, some signs are more likely to benefit from an open marriage than others. Among the ones that are most likely to work well with these interactions are:

  • Sagittarius;
  • Gemini;
  • Aries;
  • Leo;
  • Scorpio.

Each of these signs is filled with people who are adventurous, seeking new thrills or are not the type of individuals to build their identity around another person. As such, they make good signs for open marriages. 

Ways People Meet Casual Partners

Meeting people who are looking for this type of casual interaction is not difficult. Although you might get lucky meeting someone at a bar or club, the truth is that more people find partners who are into open marriages online. Being a dedicated website for seeking married people who are into open marriages, Wivesgowild allows you to meet women and men who share an interest in these open relationships and want to pursue them. The site lets you go at your own pace, find partners who share your philosophy of an open marriage, and have the same desires. This site is great for seeking out dates who were born under the right sign, too. That way, you can meet a beautiful Sagittarius who is looking for the next great adventure. Whether you want to take things fast or ease into them as a newcomer, dating services present the greatest opportunity to meet casual partners. 

Set Ground Rules from the Start

After you have married someone and decided to open that marriage to other people, you need to start setting ground rules. Many people get into an open marriage with the understanding that it is a physical interaction and nothing more; nobody wants to ruin their marriage by letting their partner sleep with other people who become too attached. Here are some helpful ground rules for starting such an open relationship:

  1. negotiate boundaries;
  2. make sure you check in with your partner;
  3. practice safe interactions;
  4. set limits on partners;
  5. determine the amount of time you spend with your date.

These five rules can help save you a lot of trouble down the line. 

  • Sexual freedom without emotional attachment

Remember that the basis of an open marriage is having sex without having to get connected with someone. In many cases, people who open their marriages want to explore their sexual side, but they still want to come home to the same man or woman at the end of the day. The goal is to form a sexual relationship in which you can experience whatever it is that you’re seeking while eschewing an emotional attachment between you and the other person. 

  • Discuss your fears and expectations

When you find yourself in an open marriage, you need to discuss your expectations for the interaction with your significant other as well as your date. Talk about what worries you and allow your partner to allay your fears. Find out what you truly hope to experience and let your partner know what you feel confident about. Doing so will help you overcome the negative elements of your mindset towards this interaction. 

  • Going open won’t save a shaky marriage

Remember that opening your marriage is not likely to save it if you’re building on a bad foundation. When you are in a compromised marriage and offer your partner the chance to sleep with other people, they are far more likely to fall in love with them. You’ll be the odd person out. Instead, try therapy and consider whether you really want to stay together at all. 

An open marriage can be the perfect way to express your sexuality for some people. For others, it can be a way to experience the world from a new perspective. However you view it, make certain that you find a partner who has a compatible zodiac sign for the greatest results!