In the past few years, same-sex marriage has become legal in many states and countries. That gave them the feeling of belonging and being heard. Dating a cougar isn’t reserved for young males. Some young lesbians crave the attention of a cougar. Ladies search for cougars because they want someone mature to handle the relationship. Some want to meet an experienced woman who will teach them a thing or two about relationships and life in general.

Whatever the reason, cougars are in high demand. Dating sites and apps followed the signs, and now cougar dating sites are rising daily. That creates a secure place to find like-minded ladies who want a cub by their side. But first…

Who Are the Cougars or Lougars?

There is a term for everything.

People often wonder who the cougars are. A cougar is an older woman who seeks younger men. She can have a marriage, a relationship, or a hookup with a younger guy. That depends on her preferences.

Lougars are gay cougars, meaning older women seeking younger women to date. Both types of women are looking for someone with whom they can feel young again. Many want a young lady because ladies their age can’t keep up with them. Lougars prefer seeking their partners on sites made for lesbian cougars because numerous browsing filters let them pick their cubs in less time than in, let’s say, bars or on general dating platforms.

Some cougars and lougars want to take care of a younger partner. Reasons may vary, but the relationship dynamics with a lougar are similar to a regular one. There are things both lougar and her cub have to keep in mind.

Make Sure You Are Ready to Be a Cub

Not many people know what a cub stands for. First of all, we need to clear something up right away. Being a lougar (or cougar) doesn’t mean being a sugar mama. Sugar mamas provide their younger partners financial support in exchange for a sexual relationship. Social media equalizes cougars and sugar mamas, but they don’t have anything in common. No way you’re going to find a sugar mama on a cougar dating site.

If a person dates a cougar, they won’t be reimbursed in any way but will be rewarded with a caring older woman.

Such relationships are always based on mutual respect. None of the people included are forced to stay or be together. Both women love each other’s company and do their best to show their appreciation. If you are dating an older woman, be sure you’re ready for it. Cougars are independent, stand firmly on the ground, and don’t care about other people’s opinions. You’ll draw attention wherever you go, but remember you have a strong woman by your side.

Mutual Boundaries Are Still Important

Boundaries are a part of everyday life. Having them in any type of relationship is crucial. They can show another side of what we want and don’t want to do. Healthy boundaries mean healthy life.

When dating a cougar, you’ll quickly learn their boundaries. Mature women know what they want in life and what they want from their partners. Some boundaries are common: no cheating, no snooping around, no lying. Fair things to ask when in a relationship.

Some boundaries won’t make sense to you, but that’s your problem. Regulations can help people feel in charge of their life, so if a lougar asks you not to touch her private things, then don’t. She has her reasons, and you need to respect that. The same goes for the cub. If there are things you’re not comfortable doing, speak up your mind. No one can read it, not even experienced women. Respecting each other and their limits leads to a healthy and long relationship we all crave.

Learn from Your Partner’s Experience

If dating a cougar, you already know she’s been through a lot. Some things you’ll never be able to experience, and some are so random and unrepeatable. Whatever the case is, a wise person learns from other people’s experiences. Learn all you can from your better half. It doesn’t matter if it’s connected to doing your taxes or how to give an orgasm. If your lady was born in 1976, use her as a source of knowledge and experience. Learn from her all there is to know.

Whenever you can, ask about her opinion. Firstly, she’ll appreciate that you’re a caring person. Secondly, she can’t wait to share what she knows with people around her, especially loved ones. Not because she thinks she’s the smartest, but because she knows her experience can ease someone’s mind or sorrow.

This concludes our article about dating a cougar as a lesbian, or as we learned, dating a lougar. It’s not too different from regular dating, and we hope you learned something new. We hope that you’ll finally ask that lougar out on a date.