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Growing up, I always felt sorry for friends born on Christmas Day. The biggest event of the year in a child’s life – even more important than their birthday- is Christmas Day. You would think that having both together would give a double celebration, but that’s not the case. One steals the limelight from the other.

There weren’t many people I knew growing up who shared a birthday with Jesus. They’d wait all year to get presents and celebrate, then wait another 12 months for the special occasion to come around again. Those born on any other day of the year had two reasons to smile—one for their birthday and the other for Christmas Day. It isn’t unheard of to have a birthday on Christmas day, but it is rare.

That got us thinking about celebrities born on Christmas Day, and there’s more than you might think. From the top names in cinema to sports stars. TV presenters to famous pundits working for online sports betting in Las Vegas. All sections of society are covered. But with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar starting on Sunday, we’ll stick with the sports theme for this 25th December birthday article.

Alastair Cook

If you are a sports fan in the UK or have an interest in professional cricket, Alastair Cook is a name you’ll know well. The England star has played in some of the biggest matches for his nation and club team, including the Ashes, Test Series and World Cup. 

Cook was given the freedom of the city of London, made an MBE by the Queen, and was awarded the ICC Test Player of the Year. Cookie remains active in the sport today and can be seen playing for Essex County Cricket Club.

Chris Kamara

A former English soccer player and TV presenter/broadcaster and pundit. Chris Kamara enjoyed a successful career on the field of play, but he is best known for his work on the popular Saturday afternoon soccer scores program available on Sky Sports. 

The catchphrase “unbelievable, Jeff” when reporting on goals has made him a fans’ favorite. Although he is loved across the United Kingdom for his commentary, enthusiasm, and hilarious match reports, Kammy played at a high level during his days as a professional footballer. 

Some teams he played and scored goals for include Portsmouth, Brentford, and Leeds United. Despite being an aggressive midfielder, Kammy enjoyed getting forward and into scoring positions as often as he could.

Eric Gordon

This American basketball player was born on Christmas Day, 1988, and took to his chosen sport quickly. He first started playing ball at age four and has improved ever since. Known to fans as Mr. Basketball, Gordon loves the sport and has been a great servant to the NBA. 

Gordon made his NBA debut in 2008 when turning out for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he went on to enjoy playing with the New Orleans Hornets and the Houston Rockets. Some of the trophies won by Gordon include 2017 Sixth Man of the Year, Three-Point Contest Champion, All-Rookie Second Team, and Western Conference Rookie of the Month in January 2009.

Rickey Henderson

You’ll appreciate this man if you know and love Major League Baseball. Rickey Henderson is an American baseball player born in Chicago, Illinois, on Christmas Day, 1958.

Rickey played in the MLB for more than two decades and was a regular on the All-Star team each season. He is remembered fondly in the sport as one of the game’s true greats and a name recognized by fans wherever you go.

Ken Stabler

We finish our list of five famous sports stars born on Christmas Day with Ken Stabler. The former NFL American Football player came into this world in 1945 in Foley, Alabama. He enjoyed a glittering career as a quarterback playing for some of the competition’s top teams before leaving behind a legacy that takes some beating.

Ken’s professional career began in 1968 when he walked out for the Spokane Shockers and progressed to the Oakland Raiders later the same year. Despite changing teams quickly, Stabler would remain in Oakland for over a decade, helping them to memorable wins and bagging personal achievements.