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The record-breaking Courtney Walsh One of the most entertaining cricket teams to follow is the West Indies. This squad has delivered some memorable matches throughout its history. The leading bookmaker 1xBet India can be used by punters who want to place winning wagers on this squad.

There have been some incredible players who have come from this part of the world. One of them is Courtney Walsh. He was born in Jamaica and played professional cricket 1981 and 2001. The squads where he played throughout his career included:

● the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club;
● Jamaica;
● and the West Indies national team.

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A prolific career

Courtney Walsh already showed his talent in the sport even before making his professional debut. For example, in 1979, two years before joining the Jamaican cricket team, he performed spectacularly in a cricket school club. He took 10 wickets in a single innings. Because of that, many people connected with the sport started to follow his progress. Punters can find the live rate cricket betting, which are the best in the industry for all wagers that can be done.

Throughout his domestic career, Walsh played more than four hundred matches, taking slightly more than 18 thousand wickets. But that’s not all, because he also took a spectacular number of five-wicket and even ten-wicket hauls. All of this also made him join the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club later in his career. The live cricket betting on 1xBet has the best rates in the market, and those rates are fantastic when wagering on all the featured contests.

A fantastic player of his national team

Walsh played for the West Indies national team between 1984 and 2001. His first match came in 1984, where he and his team faced Australia in a highly entertaining Test match. Punters can download apk 2022 which can be used to wager on this team.

He was also a prolific player of One-Day Internationals. In general, in those two forms of cricket the player excelled with some impressive numbers and performances.

There is a spectacular record that Courtney Walsh obtained in his career. Specifically, he is only one of five cricketers to bowl more than 5 thousand overs in the history of Test cricket. The Jamaican is also part of another highly respected group. Specifically, he is also one of a very small number of players to take more than 500 wickets in Test matches. The 2022 version of the 1xBet apk can be obtained now, and it can be used to wager on the best cricket Test matches.