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For a novice, writing an academic paper can be stressful. There are numerous rules to observe, including not only those imposed by a teacher, but also those concerning language and citation styles. Writing an essay, dissertation, or any other academic assignment (philosophy homework for example) becomes a lot easier if you understand the basics. Furthermore, it would be foolish to undervalue the significance of great academic writing skills. The following are the basic norms of academic writing that high school and even graduate students should follow to ensure that their papers meet academic standards.

Make Presumptions

Assumptions, whether explicit or implicit, form the cornerstone of any research paper in academic writing. Assumptions are statements that the reader considers to be true or false. It is a tested belief that determines the study work’s conclusions. Students frequently mix up assumptions with hypotheses, mistaking one for the other. While both must be shown or disproven, research typically begins with a hypothesis. A student must also demonstrate the validity of a theory.

Plagiarism is prohibited.

Academic writing is founded on evidence. Before writing any paper, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive research on the topic and collect recent scholarly sources as evidence to support the main thesis. The first thing you’ll notice about essay uk is that they’re properly cited. Students who are in a rush to finish an assignment, on the other hand, may unintentionally plagiarize. A student who is accused of plagiarism may suffer the following consequences:

  • Receiving a poor grade or being required to redo the task.
  • Suspension or expulsion has an impact on a student’s reputation.
  • Financial penalties must be paid.

Even if you have graduated, if your dissertation or thesis contains plagiarism, your degree may be revoked, resulting in major professional and personal consequences. So, even if you order papers online, make sure they are written by a reputable and experienced essay writer. Students at all academic levels can hire a thesis writer from a reputable essay writing service to proofread or revise their work to ensure it is free of plagiarism.

Read the instructions carefully.

Each assignment will have its own set of requirements, which will be determined by the teacher. Before writing any academic paper, make sure you understand the format, font, spacing, tone, and word count requirements. If the task is unclear, it is best to consult with the professor before beginning the writing process.

Remember to Proofread!

Proofreading assures that the academic assignment is error-free. To ensure that everything is in order, double-check the structure, format, and originality. Remove any weird phrases, filler, or fluff from your paper because they detract from its quality. Check for problems in language and spelling, as well as typos. Remove any instances of passive voice or terms that are repeated. Finally, make sure the text stays inside the word count; if it doesn’t, trim phrases or sentences that don’t add value.

Take a look at the formatting requirements.

You may have read about the fundamentals of a particular citation style, but they may only apply to the prior version. Formatting guidelines change regularly and are dependent on the most recent edition. APA, for example, is in its seventh edition as of 2021, whereas MLA is in its ninth edition. Keeping up with the latest modifications in each citation style guarantees that your information is up to date.

Remember to organize your content.

Academic papers follow a specified format. While essays have a beginning, middle, and end, thesis, dissertations, and research papers have a table of contents, discussion, methodology, and literature review.

Making an outline is the key to ensuring you employ the correct structure. Then make sure that each paragraph begins with a topic sentence and that each section focuses on a single concept. Use appropriate transitions to connect the paragraphs so that they flow smoothly. Overall, the writing should be simple to understand, and the reader should be able to tell what the paragraph will be about just by reading the opening sentence.

Complete tasks as soon as possible.

Sometimes students procrastinate and postpone the assignment until the last minute and have to ask for essay writing help from an essay help websites EssayAssistant. This often leads to missing deadlines or handing in poor-quality work. Even if you have a month to write an uncomplicated essay, it is better to get started on it as soon as possible. This way you will have enough time to write a good essay and revise it without distractions. 

Have fun writing any academic paper with these simple dos and don’ts.