Earrings are not just a beautiful accessory that a huge number of people wear today. They originally had a sacred meaning and identified a person in society. Let’s talk about one of the trending options that have not gone out of fashion for many years.

Probably not everyone knows what a huge number of forms of earrings are presented in jewellery stores. We always choose by their looks without thinking about what they mean and how to choose and wear them correctly. FJewellery offers a huge collection of gold hoop earrings, which have already become classic. What is this shape and why should you pay attention to it in 2022?

At the peak of fashion

Hoop earrings are once again seen in fashion shows, which means that they are here for the long haul. For several years now we are witnessing their victorious march. They are simply adored by stars: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Kerry Washington and many others. They bet on this accessory and did not go wrong. They look their best! This shape is on trend, and it’s time to indulge yourself with a novelty. When choosing this type, pay attention to the most popular options today:

  • Smooth gold and silver models. They come in a variety of sizes, from minimalist, sporty styles to oversized rings that can draw attention to you.
  • Decorated wide hoop earrings. It can be a product with an animal print, inlay, with engraving. It’s up to you. They are all magnificent!

How to choose a piece

The choice is made, and you decided to buy this wonderful model? Then you just have to figure out how to choose the right size. Do not rush to take everything in the catalog with photo. Although… we understand that sometimes it is very difficult to do. So, the basic parameters that will allow you to become the owner of the perfect pair of earrings for you:

  1. Skin colour. Do not forget that the earrings are not just a part of the look; they are close to the face and must adorn. To do this, you must choose a piece of jewellery that suits you. Silver-coloured metal products are more suitable for people with cold undertones. This can be silver or other metals of this shade, as well as white gold. Owners of yellow, warm-toned skin are best suited for yellow and rose gold. The assay is only important for determining the price. These may be quite inexpensive pieces of 9-carat gold.
  2. Versatility. Choose products thoughtfully. If you are planning to wear them for a certain image, then you should choose a product of such style and design, but if you want to be able to wear jewellery with all your outfits, it makes sense to choose something more universal. Pay attention to the fact that rings with a small diameter are suitable for all everyday looks, while large ones will look perfect in an evening look.
  3. Size. How do you decide what size earrings you need? This question puzzles many people. We recommend switching from this question to choosing a product for your image, as well as the rhythm of life. For sports, office pieces with a small diameter and a minimum of decor will be ideal. It will be cute, stylish and beautiful. Hoop earrings with a diameter of 1.5 inches are perfect for an evening look. They go with almost any outfit. For formal occasions, you can pick something from the new assortment. Something very stylish, elegant and flawless.
  4. Model. Surely you have already had time to look at several options and compare them by design, style, decor and other elements. The choice is really huge! From simple options without decor to quite intricate ones. They are all just gorgeous, and if you’re not sure which option is yours, choose with your heart! It’s always the right decision.

To make the choice a worry-free one, we offer you an online option. Stores like FJewellery have everything you need to make your hunt for the perfect accessory productive. You’ll be able to choose what you need from photos, detailed descriptions, prices, and if you need it, concierge support.