White Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, March 14th. There are until the next observance.

White Day is observed on March 14, one month following Valentine’s Day. In Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, it is regarded as a sort of second Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, individuals offer presents to others to demonstrate their love; on White Day, those who get gifts give gifts to those they love in return. Did you know that you must offer three times the quantity of presents you received on Valentine’s Day on this day? Yes, let us learn more about this one-of-a-kind romance celebration!

📆 When is White Day?

This year, White Day is on March 14th. It is the 2nd Tuesday in March; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to White Day

Did you know: On Valentine’s Day, ladies are expected to gift chocolates to men in Korea.

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📜 History of White Day

Valentine’s Day was introduced to Japan in the 1930s, with the first Valentine’s Day observed in Japan in 1936. It did not, however, become popular, and people did not show any interest in commemorating it until the late 1960s. It is observed differently in Japan, where it is viewed as an occasion for girls to demonstrate their feelings for a boy. On this day, Japanese women present costly chocolates to guys with whom they are passionately connected.

Later that year, on March 14, the month after Valentine’s Day, a tiny candy firm headquartered in Fukuoka promoted marshmallows to males in order for them to be given back to the girls they liked. They dubbed it “Marshmallow Day,” a response to Valentine’s Day. Later, the shop advised altering the name to a more ambiguous ‘White Day.’ This craze spread, and many Japanese enterprises began promoting marshmallows and white chocolate on this day.

On this day, individuals in several Asian nations, including South Korea and China, give each other chocolate, jewelry, lingerie, and other items that ladies enjoy. This day, however, is not simply for the ladies to get presents. This is a great opportunity for everyone who got a gift on Valentine’s Day to repay the favor.

☑️ White Day facts

Singles are not left out
If you didn’t receive a Valentine’s Day present and aren’t returning the favor on White Day, you may celebrate Black Day on April 14.

Public affection is considered rude in Japan
In Japan and some other Asian countries, it is rude to show affection in public, such as by hugging or kissing.

Approach the lips
“Seppun,” which means “to approach the lips,” is the Japanese term for kiss.

Things to do on White Day

Just celebrate it
Although White Day may not be observed in your nation, this does not exclude you from commemorating it. So, enjoy White Day the Japanese way with your loved ones!

You can teach others
You may want to learn more about this festival and the White Day custom in order to raise awareness about it in your community. What exactly are you waiting for?

Share your favorite White Day story
Love is full of fascinating aspects. You may spread your excitement by sharing your favorite white-day celebration tale on social media.

📅 White Day Observances

2023 March 14 Tuesday
2024 March 14 Thursday
2025 March 14 Friday
2026 March 14 Saturday
2027 March 14 Sunday

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